Best VPS Hosting 2018

Virtual Private Server – another popular type of hosting. And if you have a choice, we definitely recommend this type of hosting program. Of course, if you just need a simple and not very demanding site, VPS is unnecessary, but if you count on a corporate application or want eshop and similar more demanding websites, then VPS is an excellent choice.

In the area of VPS hosting, our favorites are similar to shared hosting, but a few differences are still to be found. Some hosts are more focused on VPS and it is known.

And as we have already said in another article:

Sometimes it can be the opposite – smaller companies have more time for you, they can take more care of you and give you more favorable terms. You need to try it.

In any case – if you choose this type of hosting, you have resources that the host guarantees, not shared by other users (in the case of OPEN VZ a little bit, but it is not too much). You can set up a virtual server yourself or the host will take care of it (at extra cost 🙂 ). Here, however, you are confident of almost trouble-free operation.
As with shared hosting, here too are clear favorites. However, we have included less well-known companies as they certainly deserve your attention. Excellent hardware configuration, excellent service, flawless technical support – meets the most demanding requirements of just five of the rated hosts.

So we can look at the VPS programs of these companies a bit closer:

1. Bluehost – Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate

selectionhosting.comVPS hosting programs are just as good at their company as their shared hosting programs. In the basic program, you have unlimited bandwidth and 30GB of space on the powerful SSD.

Of course there is also one IPv4 address and you will be pleased with one domain for free. The 30 day money back guarantee is also a good start – you can test whether this program suits you. In practice, you will know if the guaranteed resources that are reserved for you are sufficient or not.

Bluehost has of course 24 hours of technical support, so if it’s in your region in the morning and the host has a deep night, it’s his problem 🙂 They will help you at any moment.

You also have a choice between OPEN VZ and KVM technologies, of course, it is up to you. We are supporters of KVM, but that may be a matter of opinion. VPS hosting based on this technology is a little bit more expensive because it consumes more hardware resources, but that’s just it – they’re only reserved to you.

Higher programs then offer better sources, such as 4GB or 8GB RAM, a higher performance processor or more disk space. The money back guarantee is for all of these hosting programs as well as 24-hour technical support.

Nothing else to say. This host belongs to the first five.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Money Back Guarantee
Quality Technical Support
High Technical Level

2. iPage – Choose Your Plan

selectionhosting.comiPage also offers 3 basic plans for his VPS hosting program – Basic, Business and Optimum. They are of course different in terms of price and quantity of dedicated resources.

What is also interesting – this host uses the term “Semi-Private Resources”. It’s actually a statement that you have hardware resources that are reserved to you only. In other words, part of the hardware performance is yours and no one else.

For example, in the case of OPEN VZ this is well founded, as it is common for this type of VPS to use your allocated memory by other users in case of inactivity of your site.

Of course, you can access the server as a root and cPanel is also included. Normally cPanel is chargeable, so its insertion is definitely an advantage in this case.

All dedicated and VPS purchases include fully managed support from advanced hosting experts. Receive help with:…   …Email, DNS, and other custom configurations (MySQL, apache)

That’s what we really appreciate. This help can save you a lot of work and many hours of learning and searching for answers on the Internet.

Plus – 24×7 expert support via phone, chat or email … What more can you want?

24×7 Expert Support
Easy-To-Use cPanel Included
Money Back Guarantee
Free Domain Name
Free Marketing Credits

3. HostGator – Plans For Everyone This host has a rating and a little less than the previous two, but again do not be fooled! Also belongs to the absolute top.

The basic plan of the VPS offers 2 Cores CPU, 2GB of RAM and 120GB of disk space! And you’ll get 2 IP addresses for that.. So, is not that a good start?

If you do not have extra huge apps and portals, this space is enough for you. Similarly, RAM is sufficient. You can of course choose a higher configuration, HostGator offers really good conditions.

And let’s see what it offers:

  • Full root access (64-bit)
  • Optional cPanel with WHM control panel
  • Apache web server
  • Supports: MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby

Well, it is not little..

And again – 24 × 7 support via phone, chat or email. Plus – weekly off-site backups, RAID 10 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) … your data will be safe.

This host offers really good conditions, its technical support is high and the security of your data will be well taken care of.

Apache Web Server
Fault-Tolerant RAID Disk Arrays
Quality Technical Support
2 IP Addresses
Multiple Bandwidth Providers

4. LiquidWeb – The Fastest on the Planet

selectionhosting.comThis host is a bit different from the others, because Cloud VPS Hosting is already in the basic plan. It is designed for demanding users who demand speed, reliability and extraordinary security of their data.

Cloud VPS Hosting is actually such an “introduction” of this host, which is further focused on dedicated servers. However, maybe that’s why you can expect the most powerful hardware, high technical level and excellent support.

When we mentioned the technical support – “24/7 On-site Support via Phone/Chat/Email” of course, not missing.

You can use both VPS Linux and Windows, but we recommend concentrating on Linux – this platform is generally more supported and is also faster due to its construction.

The cPanel or Plesk control panel is available and from operating systems you can use CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Debian 7, Debian 8, Fedora 24 Server and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. It’s really what to choose from.

And as we have already said, the differences are visible – with this VPS hosting you have Full Management, which is already included in the price.

Fully managed support means that they manage the basic infrastructure and help you with software updates, security patches, and LAMP.

With this host you can really expect maximum help, excellent technical equipment overall a very good level of service.

Cloud VPS
Support 24/7 via Phone/Chat/Email
Fully Managed
Built-in Backups
cPanel or Plesk

5. WootHosting – Performance Optimized

selectionhosting.comA smaller host could be said – although they have recently expanded into another destination. You will find everything you need in this company.

This host offers many VPS hosting plans, both Linux-based and Windows based – really, it’s what to choose from. The basic offer starts at $ 3.50 / mo and includes 30 dedicated IPv6 addresses. Who will offer you this?

You have a SolusVM admin panel that is clear, intuitive and is sufficient to manage your server space. Of course there is full root access, scalable resources, and several versions of Linux or Windows are also available.

Once you order this VPS hosting and after payment, your server space is available literally in just a few minutes, and you can immediately install the operating system. There are several versions of the operating system preinstalled so you can just choose.

The technical support of this host is at a good level, of course it is available 24/7.
And what can not you overlook?

 Contact us with your ideal KVM-based Linux VPS specifications – we offer custom solutions! 

Yes it’s right. This host is very communicative and you can talk with him reasonably and correctly.
If you have really specific requirements, do not hesitate and try to ask.
Many VPS Plans
Support 24/7
Instant Setup
Scalable Resources
Specific Requirements

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