Best Web Hosting 2018 – Shared

Let’s look at the most popular host this year. We have carefully chosen and it’s not an easy choice.

Each of these leading hosts has a lot to offer, the differences in offers and technical support are minimal. Their services are reliable and differ slightly in price differences and partly in some added value.

In any case, no matter which one you choose, you certainly do not make a mistake.

All of these hosts have excellent technical facilities, provide high quality services and their technical support is also always ready to help you with any problems.
With these selected companies, you can rely on the quality of running your website.
As we have already said – all of these hosts meet high quality service requirements and offer variations are minimal. As we have already said – all of these hosts meet high quality service requirements and offer variations are minimal. In the next part of our review, we will look at several other companies, and there will be smaller hosts.

Now let’s say something closer to these individual companies and their hosting programs.

1. Bluehost – Professional Web Hosting

What does this company offer in the field of shared hosting? selectionhosting.comAt first it must be said that this is a very popular and very successful company. In the field of shared hosting, it really offers the best you can get on the market.

The basic offer includes 50GB of web space, which is enough space for personal pages, blogs, and more.

The advantage is also the possibility of using one domain for free. To do this, you can have up to 25 subdomains and 5 email accounts.

Of course, you can also buy a more expensive hosting program – then the options are considerably better. Unlimited web sites, unlimited web space, unlimited email accounts, and so on.

There is also intuitive management of your site through cPanel, a very simple and user-friendly set-up platform.

Even though we mentioned that the pre-installed WordPress system is not a big added value, it can still make some relief for someone – and this is what you find in the shared hosting of this company.

Of course there is also a 24-hour technical support, which we value very positively. Well what can not be missed by a good company? Well, of course, the opportunity to try out the service. This means that Bluehost offers a refundable 30-day trial.

So let’s summarize it..

Favorable Price
Money Back Guarantee
Quality Technical Support
High Technical Level

2. HostGator – Website Hosting Services

Our next favorite is Although the rating of this host is a bit lower than the previous company, do not be mistaken. In its qualities, it is not lagging behind and the services of this company are at a high level.

This host slightly differs from the previous host in pricing, but on the other hand offers the opportunity to try out services for 15 days more with a money back guarantee. You also have cPanel available to manage your account and the ability to run one domain in your basic plan.

WordPress support is also available (when all hosts promote it) as well as Joomla (and we still think the best is the “clean” Linux server 🙂 )
But this is obviously tailored for less demanding users who want to have everything “with one click” – even the slogan of all hosts. So why not?

Again there is excellent technical support that will help you anytime with any problems. Other shared hosting plans for this company are, of course, more expensive, but they also offer more options – email accounts, disk space, and so on.

What is interesting and definitely considered is the “Pro” plan for this type of hosting, where the host offers “PRIVATE SSL & IP”. And that is definitely a reason to think.

In short, the services of this company are at a high level, like the previous host, and it is up to you to prefer.

So let’s look at it again..

Private SSL & IP
Free VoIP Phone Service
Quality Technical Support
High Technical Level

3. iPage – Free Domain Name

Company iPage takes the low starting price of a web hosting. selectionhosting.comTechnical support can not be better – 24/7 phone support is a matter of course. As with other hosts, you also have a refund guarantee within 30 days. During this time, you can test for free services, a user environment, and so on – just everything you need.

The company also offers an unlimited email addresses for the hosting site and what is interesting, optimization for eCommerce.

eCommerce is not recommended for this type of hosting, websites are demanding for operation, and this means consuming more hardvar resources. We can not say how well iPage is set up for shared hosting servers for eCommerce operation, but as far as eCommerce is concerned, we should definitely choose VPS hosting.

However, for web pages, blogs and smaller, not demanding projects, web hosting is very suitable and this company is known for its quality and excellent technical equipment.

You will also get free credit for Google and Bing search engines at $ 200. And that is certainly a benefit for the beginning site.

Here, you can also use free marketing tools and more than 1,000 web templates available. Why not? It’s definitely very useful and will save you some time you would otherwise need for your own creation and search.

Let’s see what iPage offers us..

30-day money back
Free Email Address
Free Marketing Tools
24/7 Phone Support
Free Ad Credits

4. GoDaddy – One Click Setup

selectionhosting.comThis company is well known to many people. He is one of the leading registrars and hosting providers.

In the basic web hosting program, it offers 1 website, unmetered bandwidth and newly also support for PHP 7.0, 7.1.

Pre-installed are free applications for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. and of course 24/7 support is available, even by phone.
For the database, 1GB of space is reserved, which is fully sufficient for most common websites.

Their technical team is constantly monitoring servers, so potential attacks are eliminated immediately. This is certainly a plus for your eventual decision making.

Unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, are available in higher programs and for more demanding users, it’s also possible to get a free SSL certificate.
If you pay a bit, this company will offer you backup of your data once a day. You can, of course, back up your data, but this service can be more secure for someone.

Unlimited bandwidth is available, which is a host-friendly feature – of course, you must adhere to its terms and not overload servers with inappropriate applications.

This company is one of the top web hosts and their technical background and technical support is one of the best.

What can they offer you?

1 GB database storage
Free SSL Certificate
Free Unlimited Storage
24/7 Phone Support
24/7 Security Monitoring

5. A2 Hosting – Faster Hosting For Your Website

selectionhosting.comA2 Hosting has a slightly lower rating, but it is still a great hosting for your website. Against competition, prices are somewhat higher, but A2 Hosting has a lot to offer. There is 1 website, 5 databases and unlimited storage, which is very well suited for the operation of a simple starting site.

This is very interesting, and it is important for many people – money back guarantee at any time. Not every host offers it to you. There is also a cPanel to manage your site and another advantage is free SSL & SSD in the basic program. Of course, technical support is 24/7.

In higher programs it is much more interesting. A2 Hosting offers unlimited web sites, unlimited database and unlimited storage.
If you count on the higher traffic of your site, you will certainly enjoy the unlimited transfer, that is available in all web hosting programs.

If you choose the ultimate program, this host guarantees you faster retrieval of your site due to its SwiftServer platform.

Free SSL & SSD, cPanel and all other items already in the basic program are available.

This host has excellent technical background, excellent technical support and its “A2 Site Accelerator” offer will certainly be interesting for many.

A slightly higher starting price is balanced by high reliability, speed and quality technical support, and it is certainly worth considering whether to choose this host.

So, what does this host offer..

Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Databases
Free SSL & SSD
A2 Site Accelerator
Anytime Money Back Guarantee

6. 1& – Secure Hosting Services

selectionhosting.comAnother of the hosts, who are at the forefront of quality assessment of their services – 1& Now they are offering support for PHP 7.1, scalable performance and increased RAM up to 2.5 GB (768 MB
PHP Memory Limit).

This is very nice considering that basic VPS hosting programs are commonly offered with 500 MB of RAM. Of course, this memory is not only reserved for your site, but if there are not too many users on the node, it is quite sufficient.

Also, support for PHP 7.1 is a good thing, because the latest WordPress templates often require this version of PHP.

The 100 GB of disk space that is offered in the basic program is sufficient for smaller projects, and if you are more demanding, you can choose a higher web hosting program where disk space is unlimited.

This basic program offers a lot – 25 databases, 500 email accounts and a free SSL certificate – and this is really beneficial for this basic program.

Of course, technical support is also available 24/7, both via email and by phone. Such technical support nowadays is a matter of course for good hosts. And it’s okay, a good host must also take good care of their clients.

 The new 1 & 1 Web Hosting packages allow you to customize the performance of your web project at any time. 

This is what the company says. Okay, why not? We certainly recommend to try 🙂

Let’s look at the benefits of this host..

SSL Certificate
24/7 Service
Scalable Performance
1 Free Domain
Support PHP 7.1
So they are the best rated hosts in September 2017. Our assessment was based primarily on experience with a friendly environment, good technical support and overall services that will benefit you.

Do not forget what we have already said:

The most important is technical support!

You will need technical support sooner or later, and if it is not good, then such web hosting will be useless.

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